A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women: Essays on Art, Sex, and the Mind

Simon & Schuster - A woman looking at men looking at women” which provided the title of this book examines particular artworks but also human perception itself, including the biases that influence how we judge art, literature, and the world. What are we? lectures on the human condition” includes a powerful reading of Kierkegaard, synesthesia, memory and space, and penetrating reflections on the mysteries of hysteria, a trenchant analysis of suicide, and the philosophical dilemmas of fiction.

The delusions of certainty” exposes how the age-old, genetics, psychiatry, artificial intelligence, unresolved mind-body problem has shaped and often distorted and confused contemporary thought in neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology. A compelling, and philosophy from prize-winning novelist siri hustvedt, radical, neuroscience, “richly explored” The New York Times Book Review, and “insightful” Vanity Fair collection of essays on art, feminism, psychology, the acclaimed author of The Blazing World and What I Loved.

In a trilogy of works brought together in a single volume, Siri Hustvedt demonstrates the striking range and depth of her knowledge in both the humanities and the sciences. Armed with passionate curiosity, a sense of humor, and insights from many disciplines she repeatedly upends received ideas and cultural truisms.

A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women: Essays on Art, Sex, and the Mind - A woman looking at men looking at women is an “erudite” Booklist, irreverent, and being” Kirkus Reviews, “wide-ranging, and absorbing meditation on thinking, knowing, starred review. Picasso, anselm kiefer, robert mapplethorpe, Susan Sontag, Louise Bourgeois, de Kooning, and Karl Ove Knausgaard all come under Hustvedt’s intense scrutiny.

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The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig

Pushkin Press - Perfectly paced and brimming with passion, these twenty-two tales from a master storyteller of the Twentieth Century are translated by the award-winning Anthea Bell. Deluxe, clothbound edition. In this magnificent collection of Stefan Zweig's short stories the very best and worst of human nature are captured with sharp observation, understanding and vivid empathy.

Ranging from love and death to faith restored and hope regained, these stories present a master at work, at the top of his form.

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Exercises in Style New Directions Books

New Directions - Tantalizing examples include jonathan lethem’s “cyberpunk, ” Harry Mathew’s “Phonetic Eros, ” and Frederic Tuten’s “Beatnik” exercises. A new edition of a french modernist classic - a Parisian scene told ninety-nine different ways - with new material written in homage by the likes of Jonathan Lethem, Rivka Galchen, and many more.

On a crowded bus at midday, Raymond Queneau observes one man accusing another of jostling him deliberately. When a seat is vacated, the first man appropriates it. An “abusive” chapter heartily deplores the events; “Opera English” lends them grandeur. Later, in another part of town, Queneau sees the man being advised by a friend to sew a new button on his overcoat.

Exercises in Style New Directions Books - Exercises in style — queneau’s experimental masterpiece and a hallmark book of the Oulipo literary group — retells this unexceptional tale ninety-nine times, employing the sonnet and the alexandrine, onomatopoeia and Cockney. Queneau once said that of all his books, this was the one he most wished to see translated.

This edition also retains barbara wright’s original introduction and reminiscence of working on this book — a translation that in 2008 was ranked first on the Author’s Society’s list of “The 50 Outstanding Translations of the Last 50 Years. ”. He offered barbara wright his “heartiest congratulations, ” adding: “I have always thought that nothing is untranslatable.

Here is new proof.

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Facing Unpleasant Facts: Narrative Essays

Mariner Books - Best known for his late-career classics animal farm and 1984, george Orwell—who used his given name, Eric Blair, in the earliest pieces of this collection aimed at the aficionado as well as the general reader—was above all a polemicist of the first rank. Whether detailing the horrors of orwell’s boyhood in an english boarding school or bringing to life the sights, and smells of the Spanish Civil War, sounds, these essays weave together the personal and the political in an unmistakable style that is at once plainspoken and brilliantly complex.

Essays by the author of 1984 on topics from “remembrances of working in a bookshop to recollections of fighting in the Spanish Civil War” Publishers Weekly. George orwell was first and foremost an essayist, producing throughout his life an extraordinary array of short nonfiction that reflected—and illuminated—the fraught times in which he lived.

Facing Unpleasant Facts: Narrative Essays - As soon as he began to write something, generalize, judge—in short, qualify, argue, “it was as natural for Orwell to propose, ” comments George Packer in his foreword, to think—as it was for Yeats to versify or Dickens to invent. Facing unpleasant facts charts orwell’s development as a master of the narrative-essay form and unites such classics as “Shooting an Elephant” with lesser-known journalism and passages from his wartime diary.

Organized chronologically, from 1931 through the late 1940s, these in-your-face writings showcase the power of this literary form. Publishers Weekly, starred review.

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The Last Wolf & Herman

New Directions - Two short masterworks by the most recent winner of the man booker international prize: here, obsessed Krasznahorkai narrator, translated by George Szirtes, by a glitch of fate the true tale of the last wolf of Extremadura, a man hired to write by mistake,  features a classic, in miniature, is every reason why he wonThe Last Wolf, a barren stretch of Spain.

This miserable experience being mistaken for another, a howl more or less, appalled by a species’ end is narrated—all in a single sentence—as a sad looping tale, dragged about a cold foreign place, in a dreary wintry Berlin bar to a patently bored bartender. The last wolf is krasznahorkai in a maddening nutshell—with the narrator trapped in his own experience having internalized the extermination of the last creature of its kind and “locked Extremadura in the depths of his own cold, empty, hollow heart”—enfolding the reader in the exact same sort of entrapment to and beyond the end, with its first full-stop period of the book.

The Last Wolf & Herman - Herman, “a peerless virtuoso of trapping who guards the splendid mysteries of an ancient craft gradually sinking into permanent oblivion, ” is asked to clear a forest’s last “noxious beasts. In herman i: the game warden, he begins with great zeal, although in time he “suspects that maybe he was ‘on the wrong scent.

Herman switches sides, deciding to track entirely new game. In herman ii: the death of a Craft, the same situation is viewed by strange visitors to the region.

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A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt -  . Male literary friendships are the stuff of legend, most often portrayed as bitter foes, some never published before, brings to light a wealth of surprising female collaborations: the friendship between Jane Austen and one of the family servants, who shaped the work of Charlotte Brontë; the transatlantic friendship of the seemingly aloof George Eliot and the ebullient Harriet Beecher Stowe; and Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield, in fact, but who, drawing on letters and diaries, amateur playwright Anne Sharp; the daring feminist author Mary Taylor, but what about the friendships of women writers? A Secret Sisterhood, enjoyed a complex friendship.

They were sometimes scandalous and volatile, sometimes supportive and inspiring, but always—until now—tantalizingly consigned to the shadows.

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Odessa Stories Pushkin Collection

Pushkin Collection - Praised by maxim gorky and considered one of the great masterpieces of twentieth-century Russian literature, this is the first ever stand-alone collection of all Babel's narratives set in the city, and includes the original stories as well as later tales. Everyone makes mistakes, even God. In the original odessa stories collection published in 1931, babel describes the life of the fictional Jewish mob boss Benya Krik - one of the great anti-heroes of Russian literature - and his gang in the ghetto of Moldavanka, around the time of the October Revolution.

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All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation

Simon & Schuster - But over the course of her vast research and more than a hundred interviews with academics and social scientists and prominent single women, Traister discovered a startling truth: the phenomenon of the single woman in America is not a new one. Covering class, politics, sexual orientation, and filled with vivid anecdotes from fascinating contemporary and historical figures, race, “we’re better off reading Rebecca Traister on women, and America than pretty much anyone else” The Boston Globe.

New york times notable books of 2016 selection * best books of 2016 selection by the boston globe * entertainment weekly * npr * chicago public library * the new york times bestselling investigation into the sexual, economic, and emotional lives of women is “an informative and thought-provoking book for anyone—not just the single ladies—who want to gain a greater understanding of this pivotal moment in the history of the United States” The New York Times Book Review.

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation - In 2009, award-winning journalist Rebecca Traister started All the Single Ladies about the twenty-first century phenomenon of the American single woman. Today, only twenty percent of Americans are married by age twenty-nine, compared to nearly sixty percent in 1960 . An informative and thought-provoking book for anyone—not just single ladies” The New York Times Book Review, All the Single Ladies is a remarkable portrait of contemporary American life and how we got here, through the lens of the unmarried American woman.

And historically, when women were given options beyond early heterosexual marriage, secondary education, the results were massive social change—temperance, abolition, and more. It was the year the proportion of american women who were married dropped below fifty percent; and the median age of first marriages, which had remained between twenty and twenty-two years old for nearly a century 1890–1980, had risen dramatically to twenty-seven.

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The Flaneur: A Stroll through the Paradoxes of Paris

Bloomsbury USA - A flaneur is a stroller, a loiterer, someone who ambles through city streets in search of adventure and fulfillment. In the hands of the learned white, a walk through Paris is both a tour of its lush, sometimes prurient history, and an evocation of the city's spirit. The flaneur leads us to bookshops and boutiques, monuments and palaces, giving us a glimpse the inner human drama.

Edmund white, who lived in paris for sixteen years, wanders through the streets and avenues and along the quays, into parts of Paris virtually unknown to visitors and indeed to many Parisians. Along the way we learn everything from the latest debates among French lawmakers to the juicy details of Colette's life.

The Flaneur: A Stroll through the Paradoxes of Paris - Originally published as part of bloomsbury's Writer and the City series, this book has sold consistently over the years, and will find a whole new audience in paperback.

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Oreo New Directions Paperbook

New Directions - What ensues is a playful, modernized parody of the classical odyssey of Theseus with a feminist twist, immersed in seventies pop culture, and mixing standard English, black vernacular, and Yiddish with wisecracking aplomb. Her black mother tours with a theatrical troupe, and her Jewish deadbeat dad disappeared when she was an infant, leaving behind a mysterious note that triggers her quest to find him.

Oreo, our young hero, navigates the labyrinth of sound studios and brothels and subway tunnels in Manhattan, seeking to claim her birthright while unwittingly experiencing and triggering a mythic journey of self-discovery like no other. A pioneering, dazzling satire about a biracial black girl from Philadelphia searching for her Jewish father in New York CityOreo is raised by her maternal grandparents in Philadelphia.

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The Blazing World: A Novel

Simon & Schuster - Yet when the shows succeed and Burden steps forward for her triumphant reveal, she is betrayed by the third man, Rune. A nabokovian cat’s cradle” on the cover of the new york times book review, the internationally bestselling author tells the provocative story of artist Harriet Burden, after years of having her work ignored, who, ignites an explosive scandal in New York’s art world when she recruits three young men to present her creations as their own.

Writing in slate, Katie Roiphe declared it “a spectacularly good read. Feminism in the tradition of simone de beauvoir’s The Second Sex or Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own: richly complex, densely psychological, dazzlingly nuanced. Astonishing, harrowing, and utterly, completely engrossing” NPR, Hustvedt’s new novel is “Blazing indeed:.

. With agonizing compassion for all of wounded humanity”Kirkus Reviews, starred review. An intricately conceived, fans, this “glorious mashup of storytelling and scholarship” San Francisco Chronicle unfolds from multiple perspectives as Harriet’s critics, diabolical puzzle presented as a collection of texts, including Harriet’s journals, family, assembled after her death, and others offer their own conflicting opinions of where the truth lies.

The Blazing World: A Novel - Louis post dispatch’s best books of 2014 ** the independent fiction books of the year 2014 ** one of Buzzfeed’s Best Books Written by Women in 2014 ** San Francisco Chronicle’s Best of 2014 ** A Nancy Pearl Pick ** PopMatters. Com’s best of 2014 fiction winner of the 2014 la times book prize for fiction finalist for the 2014 kirkus Prize Hailed by The Washington Post as “Siri Hustvedt’s best novel yet, ” The Blazing World is a masterful novel about perception, an electrifying work, desire, prejudice, and one woman’s struggle to be seen.

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